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The MED-SEG™, is an FDA cleared Class II Medical Device that incorporates rewritten algorithms originally developed by NASA Goddard Space Agency. MED-SEG™ software is a Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) for radiological image processing, storage, display and communication. The system can receive digital images via a secure internet communication link. The system incorporates parallel-computing algorithms that perform high-speed segmentation and regionalization. The system does not contact the patient nor does it control any life sustaining devices.

Maryland Technology Transfer Company of the Year

Bartron Medical Imaging was cited as the Maryland Technology Transfer Company of the Year at the 11th Annual Maryland Incubator Company of the Year Awards ceremony in June 2011. Using the data from d igital medical images, MED-SEG™ can glean much more information from a typical image, it gathers and processes digital information that is not visible to the radiologist. BMI’s CEO, Fitz Walker, realized the value of the NASA software. “I looked at the technology and realized it could be used for digital medical images with a focus on mammograms,” he said.

Approved for Recognition as a Certified Space Technology

If the origins of a consumer product e.g. MED-SEG™ come directly from technology or resources derived from the space program, it can be branded as a Certified Space Technology™ by the Space Foundation. This campaign allows companies to place the program's official seal on products, clearly identifying them to the public as examples of how everyone benefits from space programs. Products already approved represent areas of technology, education, and imagination.

R&D Magazine Awards
In June 2011 the editors of R&D Magazine announced the winners of the 49th Annual R & D 100 Awards. The award is a testimony to the 100 most “technologically significant products” introduced over the past year. Bartron was listed as the Co-developer with NASA/GFSC in the category of Imaging Technologies for incorporating Recursive Hierarchical Segmentation into its MED-SEG™. The R&D 100 Awards have long been a benchmark of excellence for various industry sectors Winners of the R&D 100 Awards are selected by an independent judging panel and the editors of R&D.

From Outer Space To Inner Space

Bartron Medical Imaging, Inc.(BMI) was founded in 2000 by Fitz G. Walker, Jr. and is a Maryland corporation. It is a biotechnology medical device manufacturer with Software Development and Research & Design facilities in Maryland and Manufacturing in New Haven, CT.  BMI’s flagship product, MED-SEG™, an FDA cleared medical device incorporates algorithms originally developed by NASA Goddard Space Agency and adapted by Mr. Walker for medical imaging, which allows regions of interest to be recognized with a clarity and specificity unequaled in the marketplace.  BMI is dedicated to the development of advanced image analysis and data mining for medical applications. We believe that the MED-SEG™ technology will be able to identify abnormalities before they are seen on traditional medical images.  Also, we expect that the system will play an important role in reducing health care costs.


The system receives digital images via a secure cloud internet communication link.  High-speed segmentation and regionalization is performed by a secure High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster and returned to the user. The user interprets the images and information displayed by the system.


Other BMI-patented or patent-pending IP has come from licensed and modified software from CalTech/JPL and the Kennedy Space Flight Center.

MED-SEG™ (which is approved for recognition as a Certified Space Technology) can allow information inherent in the image to become visible.  This newly visible information can be used for the possible identification of pathogenic regions without image manipulation.  It is BMI’s intent for the technology to better enable the medical practitioner to gather more information from the same image.    BMI also has the capacity to provide services in storage, healthcare IT, data mining, and cloud computing and high performance computing.

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Fitz G. Walker of Bartron Medical Imaging, Inc. and James C. Tilton of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center win 'Oscar of Innovation' Award for MED-SEG™ System. The MED-SEG™ is a software tool that receives medical images and data from various imaging modalities and processes them using RHSEG software pioneered by NASA and further developed by BMI, Inc. Established by the editors of R&D Magazine in 1963, the annual R&D Awards identify the 100 most significant, newly introduced research and development advances in multiple disciplines. Widely recognized as the 'Oscars of Innovation', winning one of the R&D 100 Awards provides a mark of excellance as proof that the product is one of the world's 100 most technologically significant and innovative ideas of the year.

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